Monday, March 19, 2012

How can?

Something I find myself struggling with... to complete those sentences.
I wished I knew. I wished I could.
I did not ask for it but it just came and it is true.
There are things in life there are just beyond us.
We have no say about what happen tomorrow.
Who will help me to pick up those shattered pieces?
The inadequacy was just probably the heartbeat of life each day.
The constant battle just to win was just too tough.
The limitations are amplified.
Hope was too far to be reached.

Did someone just press the reset button?
If yes, why are you so cruel to even do that?
It is totally comprehensible if no one understand
because it is beyond the boundary of any mind wavelengths
I cannot detect the pumping nor the life
All was left was just void and darkness.

Is life just a cycle of events?
How can this be...

Monday, May 30, 2011


The chains and shackles of giving up slams hard on the wall of my mind

How long can this episode of searching be extended?

My life is not a concert and I certainly have no wish for encore

Patience is a virtue and I think I will acquire it in no time should this tormenting stage carry on.

Probably its time to channel some brain waves to drawing some new decisions and conclusions

The rewarding scheme of encouraging thy self proves to be still effective.

Trust and persistence are the only positive cure I can inject at this sticky issue.

The Almighty up there, please do not forget about me.

This hope is like a firm and steady anchor for my soul.

I believe the best has yet to come.

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Election Fever

What is trending now online and all around Singapore is the hotly debated topic of the General Elections 2011. If my memory did not fail me, this should be the second time I am voting as a proud Singaporean! Anyway, I am not that senior to have gone through that many GE. :P This season, I remembered even when I take a cab back home to Hougang, the taxi driver will joked, asked me if I am for the opposition and started analyzing politics with me.

Ever since the President has announced parliament has been dissolved, I am always updating myself on the elections news. I must say the new media plays an important role in this GE. Even the PM also made an effort to connect to the younger generation via FB chat. I salute him for that!

On the other hand, there are countless of reports and comments daily to be read online. It seems like the virtual space has been converted to a dumping ground for netizens to express their unhappiness and/or support towards their parties. As I scanned through the entire web, I realized the comments are skewed to supporting the opposition and many wanted to “teach a lesson” to the ruling party.

From the surge of comments, it was pretty amazing to see how much unhappiness our citizens have stored towards the government. Though many comments were bias, I must say they do make a lot of sense. From the candidates to key issues, everyone has their fair share of perspectives.

From TPL to Nicole Seah, it is amusing to see how our citizens favor the latter to the former. Nicole has the support of mostly the LKK and there is even an online discussion on how she looked when she perspires. Hello… what’s the link with politics?

In terms of charisma and connecting with the people with her daring speeches, Nicole has gained the upper hands. She has indeed won the hearts and applause of many as a 24 year old politician. Though TPL was not as wise with her words, she has the necessary grassroot experience. I read more negative reports on her than good ones. Is the media bias? Yes, she did not have a good start with all her mindless answers, but at least give her credit for not giving up and being so courageous. Not a personal attack, but this is general election! This is neither a beauty campaign nor a star search programme. The physical appearance, how much tears they shed, what bags they carried… who cares? As long as they bring the nation forward, they deserve a seat in the parliament. Arrogance cannot last but persistence will bring us far. The character versus touching base with the residents, there ought to be a good balance.

Key issues like housing and transport problems are highly debated in this GE. Our people felt betrayed when we see how foreign talents are given equal opportunity in housing and job openings, no wonder they hit the roof! The FTs wiped out our units, decreases the chances of our employability, take up space in our MRT and our government treats them like national treasure. I do think these immigrants do create some problems. I came across news articles on how some foreign peeps are causing a nuisance in public by conveniently littering, talking loudly and fighting in public area. What a disgrace to have them in our lovely lion city. They smeared a black mark on this little red dot. I just understand from a NTU friend who spoke with her China classmates… our government actually tries to sell our education system in their country by luring them here with allowances and accommodation provided. How reliable is this, it is questionable. It came from the horse mouth so we decide for ourselves the degree of accuracy in this piece of conversation. Our pledge says: “based on justice and equality”… I think the government has forgotten the equality only refers to Singaporeans and not outsiders.

Of course, we as a developed country, has many high expectations. What to do, Singaporeans are just an atas bunch. They want to work short hours and get highly paid. We aim to work in the comfort of an office at least at supervisory level or other professional fields. We are educated citizens. No one wants to work as a construction worker, cleaners, domestic helpers. So, the foreign laborers got to fill in the gap. We are not against them but there must be a proper control over the headcount crossing the borders.

Living on land scarce Singapore we are already fighting for space to grow, now the influx of these talents will one day sink our small island. I wonder how many MRT lines can we build, probably one day the subway would be underwater.

Our HDB flats are costing us our life! The Mahboro minister has definitely invited many labeling on himself. Are our housing policies helping us own a house faster? Start a family faster? Are we going to work a lifetime just to pay off the bank loans for that tidy space we own? …

The oppositions have given their promise to run Singapore in a better way compared to the ruling party. They said to lower land cost, revert GST to 5%. I wonder how effective and feasible can this be? Is this implying we are taking a step backwards? Does this means we are to slow down our growth as a nation? Are Singaporeans ready?

Yes cost of living has increased but our standard of living has not progress at the same pace as the nation grows. Majority of us are middle income and we struggle to keep our head above the water while the low income families are drowning. Of course, we cannot point the finger at the government for having not enough money to spend and having low income families in the society. But if the government continues to ignore the cries, will the streets of Singapore one day be filled with beggars and robbers?

At the rallies, the oppositions have a lot more crowd listening to them. What is their selling point? Do they really have something better in store for us? Or are they just good at pointing out flaws in our policies? I gathered that people are there because they speak the hearts of the residents and they are echoing what they wanted to hear. The people already know what the ruling party can offer and promise after so many years of “running” the country. Now, the people want to know if the oppositions can offer something better! I saw enthusiastic Singaporeans cheering and clapping at every statement the candidates made, some how I can’t help but wonder, is this the new season for Singapore Idol?! Are we clear about what we are supporting?

We do not need a perfect government. We only need one that think and cares for her people. One that has compassion and put us first. In order to trust, we need accountability and transparency. If the basis of this leadership cannot be fulfilled, I am afraid that the governing baton has to be passed on. Looking back, in my personal opinion, Singaporeans are one fortunate bunch. We do not have to worry about safety issues, crime rates are low, not exposed to natural disasters, plenty of food and entertainment.

Our PM sincere apologies really made me salute him. I do agree to a certain extend that the pressure from the opposition might have forced this out of him. Yes though the apology came late, still he humbled himself finally and acknowledges the issues we are facing are real.

Singaporeans are really the complaining professionals. First, they made a lot of noises saying no apologies were heard. Now with the apologies, it was deemed as not sincere enough. People are hard to please. The government cannot stop the rain from coming down heavy on us and flooding our towns. But I believe they are trying their best to improve the drainage problems or to prevent possible flood as much as they can. Yes, they made a mistake but who don’t. This election is not about talking about the past mistakes. Yes, it is about securing our future. Let’s move on.

There are too many emotions involved in who we want to vote for. Let us all be rationale and be realistic. Let us be grateful for what we have so far. Before you decide, remember what you are voting for. It is the future of Singapore and not just one GRC’s future. Do we just want a voice in parliament or government leaders that will really bring Singapore to a better place?

I am sure after all the rallies, the leaders of Singapore know the people cries and struggles. I know they will improve the situations and things will get better.

Let’s all vote wisely tomorrow. YOU can make a difference in the future of Singapore! J

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Holidays On the Go, Part 1: Ipoh, Perak

2010 is certainly a travelling year for me!

Early part of this year, in April, I went to Bundung, Indonesia for a 4 days visiting trip. It was pretty awesome with the nature sight seeing still fresh in my mind. The down side... food poisoning for a couple of days and the feeling was totally unpleasant. Nevertheless, it was still a good trip.

From May to Sept, I travelled to other neighbouring places for a short stay either on my own or with just a couple of friends... the idea... to get away.

In october, the adventure starts. I went for a short 3 days trip to Ipoh, Perak with my cardio instructor and my secondary school mate. Our agenda: Caving and White Water Rafting. Initially I was so hesistant about signing up as I never learn how to swim... yes even at my age I still have water phobia. However, I managed to convince myself that it is time to challege my fears. I am glad I did!

The caving experience was totally cool to the max. First, inside the cave, we climbed 1000 steps to reach the top. Believe me, my height phobia is seriously reminding me I should just give up. With knees knocking all the way, I finally made it. The air got thinner as we climbed higher. We did not see any bats but you know they are around as the pungent smell of their output was certainly choking at times.

After the climb, we were supposed to slide down this steep slope. Cave has no natural light and so we only have to rely on our touch light to navigate our way. Imagine sliding in the dark... we were not very sure where we will land! It was really "exciting"! After the slide, we glided ourselves through this hole and landed inner into the cave. Water greeted our feet. Cold and unclear water. We waddled through the streams and the ceiling were getting lower and lower and narrower. Before you know it, the only way to move forward is... leopard crawl on hard rocks. So we all had a fair share of a dip in the muddy water but we were not as dirty as the rest of the team mates as we did duck walk to prevent cuts on our hands. (We were able to do that because this is probably the only time that you rejoiced at being shorter). After a 45mins venture, we finally saw light at the end of the tunnel! Now I totally can experienced what that phrase means! Took a victory picture and the foot of the cave. Do check out all the pictures on my facebook :)

We had a short buffet lunch and took a 20mins lorry ride to the river to get ready for some more water activities. We were briefed thoroughly what we should do and the safety precautions. Each boat is assigned a guide. Our boat only has 5 of us including the guide, while the other boats are clustered with 7. We were definitely losing out in terms of strength. After we put on our gear, we struggled to carry the ballooned raft to the river. The 100m walk was seemingly far with the tiny 4 small built girls.

At the river, we started with body rafting first to experience the flow of the water. Here it comes the fear talking to me again. The river flow was fast. No one dares to volunteer themselves and so I decided to get started first.

Ok, at the count of three, the guide let go of me and before I could blend into the water, I realised the water was already hitting my face and rushing into my nose and mouth. Panic attack and despite many attempts to stay calm and trying to float, I could not. I grapped hold of the rope thrown to me and I was pulled back to the side. Other than quenching my thirst from the free flow of water into my lungs, I also got some beautiful bruises painted on my knees from the rocks on the river bed while I was struggling. Then did I realised the water was only chest deep... -__- The comforting thing... I wasnt the only one that got that silly experience =P

So, all of us embarked on our first water rafting experience with great expectancy. We paddled and paddled and jumped up and down to nagivate through the big boulders, fell through many rapids and let out many screams~ Thumbs up!

The weather was good and all of us got a good tann and an aching body with all that exercise. On the way back on the lorry, it started to rain heavily. We were experiencing the full power of the rain with the mega raindrops hitting us on our face and body. All of us were freezing in the rain as the breeze was blowing. By the time we reached our bus, we were dripping wet that we didnt even dare to sit down.

We quickly changed into dry clothes when we reached the hotel and set off for dinner and some shopping. The bus journey home was relaxing with comfortable reclining seats and movies screening.

I love this adventure trip and I am looking forward to something similar or more exciting in the near future.

The next stop: Bali~

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Reminder to myself

It was just one simple word of reminder:


Friday, August 27, 2010


Thursday, August 5, 2010

One Phonecall away...

No matter how busy
how far apart we are
punch the numbers
the voice you hear
brings joy
care and concern