Monday, March 19, 2012

How can?

Something I find myself struggling with... to complete those sentences.
I wished I knew. I wished I could.
I did not ask for it but it just came and it is true.
There are things in life there are just beyond us.
We have no say about what happen tomorrow.
Who will help me to pick up those shattered pieces?
The inadequacy was just probably the heartbeat of life each day.
The constant battle just to win was just too tough.
The limitations are amplified.
Hope was too far to be reached.

Did someone just press the reset button?
If yes, why are you so cruel to even do that?
It is totally comprehensible if no one understand
because it is beyond the boundary of any mind wavelengths
I cannot detect the pumping nor the life
All was left was just void and darkness.

Is life just a cycle of events?
How can this be...

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